dutch & some dang cute freckles - Utah Senior Portraits Photographer

let me introduce you to my little bro---Dutcher. i might be a little biased but i think he is just about the cutest thing around.... especially with those darling eyes and delicious freckles. he and my sister let me have some fun with them when i was down in utah last weekend... but we'll get to her tomorrow:) ladies take a look at this cutie! good thing he's only 10! he might be a heart breaker someday- this one.

 Check out these beauties..... ALL his eyes! 


  1. girl your work is awesome! I love it. Are you in Utah? If you are out here soon let me know, I would love to get together and do a photo shoot. We've been talking about getting some pics taken of our new family.

  2. I'll be out in UT for about 4 days starting the 12th of February and then for about a week at the beginning of March. Send me an email if you wanna book a session! micahandjd@hotmail.com....I clicked on your name but it doesn't have any way to contact you:)