Birch Fam in the Orchard - utah family photographer

I seriously had the hardest time getting rid of photos from this session.... so Steph is gonna end up with t.o.n.s. oh well! I absolutely love how these turned out. Brynlee & Broxton have SO much personality and I think we were able to catch that in these, which is always something I try to do. And can you get enough of those baby blues?! Look at Mama Steph's... these are the real deal--- no photoshopping necessary for these bad boys. It's no wonder these kids are so dang cute! Look at their parents... ahh--- thanks for the fun time Birch fam! {the whole time I was editing these.... Jonnie kept saying--- Look! there's my friends! haha so cute}

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  1. Micah,

    Thanks a ton for the pics! You did an outstanding job and this is coming from the anti-picture person. There are so many that I just love. Thanks for taking those for my family. We definitely appreciate the job you did! Keep it up and your business is going to be amazing!