Iylie & Kate--- lifestyle - utah family photographer

Iylie's mama was the lucky winner of the giveaway I did a couple weeks ago-- we go way back to the college days... it seems like you have to go way back at least;) We started out the session at the Union Station in Ogden and ended up at her sister-in-law's house cause Iylie was NOT having any of it. Kim said it was 'the photoshoot from hell' cause Iylie wouldn't stop crying and wasn't about to crack a smile. Luckily, we were able to cheer her up a bit when we started playing at her cousin's house and we ended on a happy note:) It definitely turned into more of a lifestyle shoot which was a fun switcheroo from the norm. Her cousin, Kate, came along to help entertain her but even she couldn't cut it til we were at her house! We did manage to get some cute ones of her in the mean time though. It was a fun time regardless and we DID manage to steal some cute ones of lil Iylie too!

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