And the winner is........


You go girl for getting so many dang likes on your cute photo!! I can't believe what a tight race it was..... a serious nail biter for a photo contest. I want to THANK EVERYONE for participating--- both the contest mamas AND the voters:) Make sure you all take advantage of the discounts if you want to book a session according to your photo likes. ***To get the discount... you need to book your session by Wednesday, MAY 18th***. I need time to get the sessions set up since I will only be shooting a few days. May 21st & June 11th then a couple days in July---but those are undecided as of now. So email me at micahandjd@hotmail.com to book your session before the spots fill up! I have recorded everyone's likes so I'll know what your discount will be. THANKS AGAIN FOR PLAYING! 


  1. June 11th would probably work best for us! Let me know what you think!

  2. AND YAY!! Thanks voters and Micah for this awesome contest! You have no idea how excited I am!!

  3. Congrats to Abby...the photograph was amazing of her and her sweet baby!