valletta family in the orchard - stillwater oklahoma family photographer

alright. let me start off by first saying how hard it was for me to decide which pictures to post on here..... clearly, this family has got- it- goin' on! kind of a funny story how we got hooked up. well mel is abby's sister {the cute girl that won my mother's day contest a couple months ago} but mel's cute family lives out in oklahoma, where we'll be moving in THREE WEEKS! {you don't even know how excited this makes me.... my two year old is still talking about these cute boys from when she played with them a  little bit after the session}. ok-- so that part isn't really funny at all... but the funny part is that john {mel's hubby} was my seminary teacher at viewmont when i was a sophomore. SMALL WORLD! we ran into each other back in march of last year when we made a weekend trip out there to scope out the vet school and surrounding area. i was so excited to know someone.... and it didn't hurt that he had the cutest wife and little ones. there's just something about moving far away from home with no strings attached---- but then finding out that you sort of have one:) if you can't tell, i am SUPER excited to move out there and start this new adventure with our family. ANYWAYS! loved this session.... and this family. perfect combination for a stellar photo shoot if you ask me. 

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